Not every spiritual experience is godly

Not every spiritual experience is godly


Every Christian should exercise discernment and should avoid to hasty conclude that a sensorial or spiritual experience with benevolent appearance is a godly one.

I want to illustrate this point with a real story, mentioned by the Christian counselor Kurt Koch, it´s one of the verified most delicate stories that he found on this subject, due to its serious implications, as you will see.

I will mention the most relevant facts from the story.

A Christian minister who was preparing his sermon one Saturday night, was interrupted when the door to his studio  was opened and in walked someone he recognized from a picture, it was the former pastor, the problem is that such pastor had already died.

The deceased pastor complained about not being able to find rest in the world beyond, the pastor who was interrupted asked the deceased if he could help.

The deceased pastor or “ghost” told him, that he could not rest because he along with the church council did something wrong regarding a bequest, and due to their unjust action, several of his church´s members lost an inheritance they had the right to receive.

The “ghost” led the pastor to the file cabinet, found the relevant file in a pile of papers, and taking the file explained to the pastor the details involved in the case.

After that the “ghost” disappeared.

The pastor contacted the current church´s council and took actions to make things right.

The deceased pastor didn´t show up ever again.

This story may not fit with the theology of many people.

The first thing I have to mention is that how the system works out, once the person dies, the spirit goes to heaven or hell, only two options, nothing in between, no possibility of wandering about.

The Bible says:

“Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment” Hebrews 9 : 27


The most serious issue with this matter is that once the person dies, his spiritual file is closed, and if the person died in sins, there is no more possibility of repenting from sins to believe in Jesus Christ for salvation, such person cannot return from hell to earth to make amends for wrong doings caused by his sin and bad deeds.

That is the very serious issue with this matter.

Mi conclusions about the above mentioned story are that:

The entity that walked into the pastor´s office to tell him that he couldn´t find rest in the other world and that wanted to fix his wrong action, was not the deceased pastor´s spirit.

The deceased pastor, his spirit would be in heaven or hell, without a pass to come back to earth to amend wrongs deeds.

However, the most feasible thing in my opinion, is that it was a demon, not a fallen angel, that´s because the different roles that they each have.

God´s creation comprises several dimensions, inter-connected among them, a demon may be in the same four dimensions (height, width, depth, time) without being noticed by us, but the demon may also appear partially or totally in several degrees of visibility, from a shadow, a transparent outline, even a material form, even though they don´t have a physical body of our dimension, for more details refer to my article on differences between fallen angels and demons.

A demons that would have “inhabited”  in the pastor, or that would have “inhabited” the house or church building, could have known the details of many activities and sins committed by the pastor.

In real life, a person who believes in Jesus and has been born again by the work of the Holy Spirit may be demonized, because he has not left some sins, or because he has gone back to sin, opening doors. The theology of many people says naively that a believer in Jesus and born again cannot be demonized, but I emphasize that in real life, such thing is possible and that fact is validated by the Bible.

Demons are actually not interested in doing good, like in this case, but they are interested and is part of their job to deceive and confuse, and divert people, more so with genuine believers in Jesus.

From this story we know that this pastor did not exercise discernment, and didn´t test the spirit, and he believed what the spirit told him that he couldn´t find rest in the other world, he believed that to the point that he offered to help him, bad start, because even when stemming from this incident, a matter was put right, everything points to this pastor believing the lie that the dead may come back from the world beyond to amend their bad actions, I hope that this pastor didn´t teach such disgusting lie in his church.