Can God forgive the sinner just like that ?

Can God forgive  the  sinner just like that?


If God forgives the guilty sinner, what happens with God´s justice?

God has to do justice.



To illustrate the problem, I will submit the following scenario:

The following illustration may be considered as crude, but it is necessary that I use it to stress a point.

One night, you arrive home and you find a great commotion, lots of people and neighbors around your house, several emergency vehicles, ambulances, and police cars are outside your home.

A police officer informs you that a man went inside your house and he was stealing, but your family members saw him, and when he found himself discovered,  he turned against your family and attacked them, this thief raped the women of your household, and then he murdered all of your family members who were there.

The police arrived and caught the criminal with his crime´s evidence, his hands full of blood, with the weapon he used to murder your family, and with the loot bag.

On the date set for  judgement, the district attorney shows the evidence that without a doubt proves that the accused man is guilty of the crimes of thief, rape, and murder.

Suppose that where you live, the law establishes that the criminal who commits murder must be punished with death penalty.

Now after the judge has seen all the overwhelming evidence, that clearly shows that the accused is guilty, says:  I am a compassionate and loving judge and therefore this man guilty of stealing, raping the women and guilty of murdering your family, may go free, I will not apply him the death penalty established in the law, and I let him go free because I am loving.

What would you think of such judge?

This judge would be a very bad judge, because instead of being just and applying the law to the guilty, he lets the criminal without the penalty established by the law, a law is useless if it is not applied, a judge who does not apply the law is worse than useless and is as guilty as the criminal he lets go without applying a penalty.

The law has established that the guilty who has committed crimes must suffer for his bad deeds, and that is regardless of the possibility that the guilty may repent or amend his ways.

If the judge is compassionate and loving, even so he must apply the law, because he was put for judge precisely for that purpose, and even if he hurts in his heart to do so, he must apply the death penalty to the guilty criminal.

God is Holy and the judge of all the earth, God is the judge who judges all human beings, every single human being will have to give account of his life and acts to God.

The human being is sinner, the human being transgresses God´s moral laws, when a human being worships other than God, when the person lies, cheats, deceives, steals, when the person does not repay his loans thus stealing, when the persons commits lust even if is not physically completed.

Therefore the human being is a sinner and is therefore guilty of transgressing God´s moral law.

God can not overlook the sin committed by the sinner because God is Holy, God cannot ignore the sin committed by the sinner because God knows everything, God cannot leave the guilty sinner without penalty because God is a perfect judge, He is perfectly just.

So, God is the judge of all human beings and He has to be a just judge and he must punish the sinner, he must apply the law of divine punishment on the sinner. God cannot let the sinner without punishment, otherwise He would be the worst of judges.

But if God in addition to being a just judge, is merciful and loving, How can God be the judge and have also mercy on the sinner?

Can God forgive the sinner just like that?

God cannot forgive the sinner just like that, because if He did, He would be as bad a judge as the one from the previous illustration.

God as a judge must exercise justice and apply His law to the one who transgresses His moral law and has to apply the divine punishment to the one who broke His moral law.

God is not required to have mercy on the sinner, quite the contrary, as a judge he cannot have any mercy on the guilty sinner.

God as a judge must do justice and cannot leave the guilty without punishment.

And there is the big problem.

Actually, and legally, God does not forgive the sinner.

The sinner must die – Because the wages of sin is death – Romans 6 : 23

But since every human being suffers the physical death, that wouldn´t really be a divine punishment.

God established the just punishment for the sinner, that punishment is to suffer the second death, which is to be thrown into the lake of fire to suffer to receive just suffering and punishment for the bad things done by the sinner, that is for those transgressions to God´s moral law.

For the sinner the problem is, how to escape and be saved from that just punishment that the sinner deserves to receive from God. The sinner cannot bribe the Divine Judge, even if the sinner truly repents that cannot erase his bad doing, even if the sinner decides to now do good things, under the Divine law, such good deeds could not offset his sins, not save him from the application of God´s law.

For God the “problem” would seem to be that He definitely has to punish the sinner, but if God in His mercy and love wants to provide an exit to the sinner, an exit which is legal and a salvation for the sinner, in which the application of the law is still carried out, How can God do that?

How can God apply the law and punish the sinner, which He has to do as a just judge, but at the same time as a merciful and loving God, provide a salvation to the sinner from such deserved punishment?

God in His mercy and love, took a human form in God the Son, the Lord Jesus (Yeshua), who being Holy,  never sinned, but He took the place of the sinner in a cross about two thousand years ago.

So that Jesus being God the Son, the God made flesh and bone, being Holy and without sin, took over himself the sins of all the human beings, to die as a guilty criminal and sinner, without being one.

God Himself carried out the function of Judge as God the Father, to apply the justice over God the Son, Jesus.

Jesus Christ took the place of the sinner, He took your place.

You are the sinner, you have transgressed God´s moral laws, in many ways over the course of your life.

God the Son – the Lord Jesus, took your sins upon Himself, and Jesus Christ received the punishment that He did not deserve, a punishment that you deserved as a transgressor of God´s moral law.

Jesus Christ, God the Son, received instead of you, the wrath of God against the sinner.

Only God the Son, the Lord Jesus, being Holy and without sin could take the place of all the sinners of the world, and shed His innocent Holy blood to cleanse (expiate) the sins of all human beings.

Only the death of God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ has the legal Divine value to leave God´s law satisfied and executed, in the sense that the sinner has to be punished, the Lord Jesus received the punishment in substitution for the sinner.

God Himself in His love and mercy had the perfect plan to act as judge, but God Himself in the person of God the Son, Jesus placed Himself to take the sinner´s place, that place that belonged to you.

That way God applied justice and applied His divine law but also in His love and mercy provided a salvation for you, a way of salvation from the punishment that you deserve for transgressing God´s moral law, for sinning against Him.

Because the human being who worships someone who is not God, who commits lust, fornication, theft, who doesn´t pay debts, who cheats, is transgressing God´s law and is sinning against God and deserves divine punishment, to receive retribution for his sins, suffering torture without end in the lake of fire, a punishment unimaginable for the human mind.

God made this salvation from divine punishment, available to all human beings, but it only works for that sinner who acknowledging that has sinned against God and deserves God´s punishment, repents from sinning against God, turns from his bad ways and believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, as the one who took the place in your substitution as sinner in the cross, believing that Jesus died so that you don´t have to die the second death falling to the lake of fire to receive your just punishment, but that instead you may have eternal life in peace with God.

God does not forgive just like that,  He in Jesus occupied your place as sinner so that He was able as God the Father and Judge,  to apply the law and execute it and at the same time He as God the Son in Jesus he may receive the legal penalty in substitution for you.