An ex-satanist´s testimony.

An ex-satanist´s  testimony.

The case of an ex-satanist that turned to Jesus Christ and whom God tested in his fidelity towards Jesus Christ.

This is the case of a man who was a satanist, but later he believed in Jesus Christ. This is the case of an ex-satanist in California, USA.

This man, David, had listened and learned about a Christianity that left him unsatisfied, however one night he watched and listened a satanist on TV, this satanist said that satanism was able to provide its followers with power and material possessions. Here I want to point out how sad and sorrowful is that some Christian “preachers” talk about a supposed gospel of Jesus Christ, in the Satanist fashion, a so-called gospel where the main issue is the health and wealth, the physical prosperity, material possessions and money.

Between such health and wealth “gospel” and the advertising to join Satanism, there is really not a big difference.

Going back to David´s case, he became part of a Satanist group in which he was a member for two years, when he started to notice the lack of peace and started to have suicidal thoughts chasing him.

When David turned to Jesus Christ, and decided to testify to his ex-fellow members of the Satanist group, David suffered an attack from Satan. This is bound to happen in every person turning to Jesus Christ, coming out from Satanist and occult practices. Satan (also known as Lucifer) doesn´t let them go easily.

The night he shared Jesus Christ´s gospel with the Satanists, some of them turned to follow Jesus, and the next night, Satan threatened David, telling him that he wouldn´t let him go, and if he tried to leave, he would kill his son and would leave him in bankruptcy. Despite Satan´s direct threats, David decided he would stand firm on Jesus, come what may, that God would allow.

The next morning, David´s son fell ill, he was taken to a hospital where he was during 3 weeks and died, the hospital´s bill was about $3,000. Satan carried out the threat he had announced to David, as God allowed Satan to act against David, by allowing Satan to kill David´s son and hurting his finances.

Please remember Job´s story in the Bible, where God allowed Satan to kill Job´s children and servants, and to destroy Job´s possessions.

But at this point, I also want to emphasize that when a person believes in Jesus Christ and is born again, this doesn´t mean that all problems will disappear and that from that point afterwards the born again Christian will live in a paradise without problems, please note that not every day will be a Friday, (as sadly some “preachers” say).

It´s also important to keep in mind that when a person believes in Jesus and is born again, the person´s sins will be cleansed, expiated by the holy blood of Jesus Christ, however the sins previously committed by the born again believer may carry on consequences, as in the case of Satanism or occult practices, or for example, when a person committed the sin of fornication and contracted AIDS, the sin of fornication is cleansed and expiated by the blood of Jesus Christ in that new believer, however the disease may remain in the born again believer´s body as a consequence of his/her sin.

In this case God allowed Satan to attack David with his son´s death and hurting his finances.

But the most important fact, is that in spite of such attacks carried out by Satan, David did not allow that anything would stop him from following Jesus. David even looked for some Christians who could join him in prayer, but sadly those Christians to whom David came for such purpose, upon learning that David was an ex-satanist were afraid.

Sadly, that is real life with some Christians who may feel  at ease to sing “Onward Christian soldiers” on Sunday morning, but who are very afraid or doing some real spiritual fighting.

Even so, David stood firm in following Jesus.

I have taken David´s case from Kurt Koch´s book “Occult” with my comments and points of view.